Is it impo@ssible to buy two house in singapore???

As there will be too many numbers, this topic will be a two part series with the final one connecting all of them together.

Before buying it is always important to know ALL costs/factors behind them.

Cost Factors – Upfront fees before getting your keys

  • Buyer Stamp Duty Tax (BSD) – On property price
    • 1% for the first 1$80k
    • 2% for the next $180k
    • 3% for the remaining amount
  • Additional Buyer Stamp Duty Tax (ABSD) – On property price [On top of your BSD]
    • 7% (Second Property) – Singaporean Rate
    • 10% (Third & Subsequent properties onward) – Singaporean Rate
    • 5% (First Property) – Singapore PR
    • 10% (Second Property & Subsequent properties onward) – Singapore PR
    • 15% (First Property & Subsequent properties onward) – Foreigners
  • Legal/Valuation/Fire insurance FeesUSED TO be absorbed by the banks (Now you have to pay)
    • Market Rate …