I was thinking about this while on the plane.. hope fellow readers can enlighten me

Now that I am eligible for to buy a resale hdb (ok yes, that’s a dead giveaway on my age)

And  my budget is around 300k for a 3BR (so comes with 1 master BR + 1 common BR)

Maybe some minor reno to touch up, say +10k?

20% downpay = 62k (cash + cpf)

Monthly mortgage will be paid by cash, since I have no cpf.

my plan is to rent it out. (sublet the master BR, since I don’t intend to live there.  I cannot rent out the whole unit either, since I have not fulfilled the 5 year MOP)

assuming, I can rent the master room for 1k/mth. ( location; non-matured estate in the west. ~500m to MRT))

Rent = 12,000

Expenses  = 1600

  • Utilities – 600/year
  • 1month …