There has been a retirement debate going on in the Straits Times’ Forum Page.
The thread was started by one of our writers.
We have collated the list of articles/letters that we think you should read, learn and know about!
Tell us what you think: Should Retirement is an Entitlement or is it a Privilege?

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First Post/Thread:
Retirement is not an Entitlement

Second Thread: Replies on the First Post:
Retirement is both a Privilege and an Entitlement
Ageism Prevents Seniors from Continuing to Work
Don’t Miss Out on Life’s Best Chapter

Third Thread: Replies on the Second Thread:
Introduce Shorter Work Shifts for Seniors
Extend Helping Hand, Not Handouts, to Retirees

Fourth Thread: Replies on the Third Thread:
State Support for Retirement is about Meeting Basic Needs

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