I am a self-proclaimed low maintenance lady and I attribute this lifestyle and my personality of wanting to make my money worth (most of the times), to why I manage to save $100k at 25.

I love browsing through famous instagramers’ feed. From their immaculate makeup, fashionable outfits, to their pretty manicures, I’ll also do a double tap. But, I’ve never bear to splash cash to be like them. I’d rather have spend my money on food than makeup, and nice clothes that doesn’t cost a bomb.

Here’s how I keep a low maintenance lifestyle:

1) I don’t do makeup

Must self-praise that I’ve genetically nice skin. I seldom have acne breakouts, and have no freckles. My only concern are those pores and blackheads on my nose, but well, nobody will look at me with a magnifying glass. I guess genetics play a part, but I’ve also refrain from using …