Last week, I wrote a post about how my wife and I redeemed Singapore Airlines Suites tickets with our KrisFlyer miles. The next thing I knew, I was receiving tonnes of queries asking, “EH WHICH CARD YOU USE AH? I ALSO WANT TO FLY SUITES LEH.”

Okay, okay. Ruh-lax. First of all, assuming that you can redeem a Suites ticket with just one credit card is like saying you can marry someone with a single pick-up line. It’s not that simple.

Sadly, there’s simply no magic bullet that will give you a lifetime of free First Class travel without any work. The travel hacking game takes time and effort to master (I still have a looong way to go), and the strategy goes a lot deeper than simply using the right credit card.

I can’t cover all of it in a single blogpost, but today I wanted to …