Sometimes the power of now can really kill you?? can it???

As discussed earlier on(Singtel)….let see how patience fare.

You have saved up $2,900 to purchase Singtel stock.. How should I purchase?

(Dividend calculation are not included to simplify calculation)

  1. “LIMPEI want to do something now” Scenario

    • Notice Singtel price soaring and thinking about how much you would have made if you bought it during 2007
      • Decided to purchase it at 2008 at the price of $2.9
      • Went through the crazy emotional cycle when price drop to $1.4 at 2009 all the way to 2013 (5 years of emotional trauma)
      • To only gain $0.10 capital gain
    • Math:
      • Purchase 1000 units ($2,900) worth of stock at 2008
      • Stock value at 2009 ($1,400)Half of your initial purchase value when you’ve just bought it
        • WOULD YOU SELL IT IMMEDIATELY?? or could you hold on or would …