Familiar headline?

The headline was made to entice people to click. For many other websites, after users click, they get sold to a product, and then part with their hard earned money. How often do we see headlines such as this?

Taken from: http://highvelocityprofits.com/secret-investing-strategy-can-deliver-130-returns/

After visitors get hooked, they go on to put a disclaimer that goes something like this: not all our investments make money, but these are just some that do. Isn’t it so easy to sell something if I can write like this too?

An half-truth is still a lie

What if I told you, the headline was not fake at all. The 110% return is an actual return, and the stock is Netflix. On 2 January 2016, the price of Netflix was $49.85, and it increased to $114.38 on 31 December 2016. This gave me a return of 130%.

However, I would have lied, …