My POEMS broker contacted me regarding subscription for the new Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders Reit ETF.  0% commission fees for the new launch of the ETF.

No. I will give this ETF a miss.  The ETF may be good, but it just does not suit my investing style.  I do not like bundle.

I do not have STI ETF.  I do not have the full set of 3 Telcos.  I do not have the full set of 3 Banks.  And I will not have this Reit ETF.

Especially the yield of the bundle is much less than that of the individual constituents.  And for diversification purposes, A-Reit, Suntec Reit, Starhill, Cache, CDLHT and the new Saizen Reit all have exposure to Australia already.  So, I prefer picking my own cherries.

However, the components of the Reit ETF can …