Soilbuild Business Space(Dividend yield 7.9%) announced their third quarter results.

The Distributable Income dropped by 3.9% and overall DPU dropped by 13.9%. We have to be aware that there was a preferential offering, which is dilutive to existing shareholders and enlarged the share base.

This preferential offering was to fund the purchase of a short land lease Bukit Batok connection.

The Gross Revenue was down by 4.7% versus last year same time. However, we expected the impact to be greater.

Recall that Technics Oil and Gas defaulted on their rent, and Technics Oil and Gas contribute 8% to revenue. It is likely that the company is drawing down the rental deposit.

There are only 3% more properties in 2016 that is up for renewal. We are already seeing Soilbuild renewing 2.3% of the properties expiring in 2017.

From the above slide, those forward …