One good thing about The Bedokian Portfolio is that it gives you a choice to be either a passive or active investor. A passive investor would just look at his/her Bedokian Portfolio once or twice a year, do the necessary rebalancing, and off he/she goes until the next rebalancing cycle. An active investor (like myself) would keep tabs with the goings-on in the financial markets and rebalance his/her Bedokian Portfolio any time.

Whether you choose to be in the passive or active camp, here are some pointers that you could follow should you opt for either.

Passive Investor

As the passive Bedokian Portfolio investor looks at his/her holdings once or twice a year, the safest recommendation would be index investing through ETFs.

If you want to have additional yield and returns, and decided to add in individual equities, bonds or REITs, then select those with strong fundamentals using fundamental analysis, …