It has been continuously being a hot topics about whether one should transfer their CPF money from OA ( Ordinary account ) to SA ( Special Account ) to earn a higher return of interest rate .

Different people ( bloggers ) are having different view about this issue and each might have their own valid reasons or argument to put forward.

AK ( a famous financial blogger )  being advocate of transferring money from OA to SA and managed to do this for himself which allow him to happily and enjoy collecting significant amount of interest from CPF Board by end of each year.

You may read more detail of his blogs on this issue on this LINK :

Another brilliant blogger ( ) and famous for his High Yield Dividend Stocks Tracker is having different view on the issue .

Again , here is the LINK :

Also , a very good view to “juggle “ between “ Housing vs Retirement “ by using CPF money by another fellow blogger SG Young Investment , please find the LINK here: …