Some people make it seem as though index investing is the holy grail of investing

Is index investing the easiest way to invest? Many experts, including Warren Buffett, agree. Investing into an index comprising of one’s own country’s equities seems like a sure bet to invest well.

But what if, you have to be a Japanese and invested in the Nikkei since 30 years ago?

But it could well have caused tremendous disappointment

At the start of 1984, the Nikkei traded at an adjusted price of 10,196 JPY. It went on to climb to a peak of 38,916 in December 1989. From then, it has never recovered fully and currently, it is trading at 16,465 JPY.

The peak of the Nikkei was in December 1989

All prices are adjusted for stock splits and dividends for easy understanding.

Therein lies the danger of simply investing into your own country’s index fund, …