How we made 64.4% returns (so far) in this “boring” Hong Kong company that no one talks about…


About two years ago, in 2014, there was an opportunity for us. It was a rare investment opportunity that offered little downside risk and we could potentially earn 50-80% in profit in three years.

What was obvious then too was that this company was paying its shareholders steady dividends since 2000 and we figured that the company was likely able to sustain the dividends for another ten years.

But what wasn’t so obvious was that NO one seemed to talk about this company. We tried to locate analyst reports with the help of our brokers but to our dismay, we found none. We concluded that it was a stock that was out of favor. Or maybe, it was just too boring. What is there to talk about when the company just owns a toll tunnel in Hong Kong? It was far more exciting to ‘gossip’ about Alibaba’s IPO then and …

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