Happy Deepavali to all the Hindu friends who are celebrating the festival!

Time fly, we are at another weekend and it is already the last weekend of Oct 2016. We are one month plus away from Christmas and then here come the 2017 (the Year of Rooster, according to the Chinese Zodiac).

Today, I will write something off the market, something new, something fresh that I’ve done/experienced in the month October. Since I have zero action ON the market (except collecting dribs and drabs of dividend once in a while. So, I will focus on the OFF the market stuff :-)


  1. Enrolled myself with the company’s lunch-hour health program (to counter hypertension, my BP is on the high side). It’s a 3-month long program with health talks and exercises, hence, first time in my life doing an 1 hour non-stop Zumba with some of …