As we come near to the end of 2016, we should start questioning our investment strategy for next year. Some of the questions you should be thinking about are below:

1) What to invest in ahead of the US election in November 8?
2) How to position my portfolio for the US election and post-US election?
3) What to invest in if Hillary Clinton wins?
4) What to invest in if Donald Trump wins?
5) What to invest in Singapore for year 2017?

If anyone of these questions is one of your concern, is it time for you to join the following seminar and listen to some of the financial industry’s experts about their views for 2017!

Invest & Prosper 2017

Join us and listen from industry experts on their take about the investment environment for year 2017!
The panel of speakers includes:

Terence Tan – Chief Investment Strategist of …