It’s 1 Nov tomorrow. After a decent break from work, it’s back to the grind. During my break, I had various thoughts:

A) Quit this job
– because I don’t know what I’m learning
– there’s always so much shit to clear up and my bosses cannot lead
– too much things on my plate and the bosses will always say they are giving me exposure
– don’t wish to stay till promotion because it could be at least 2 more years (that’s a long time)
– bosses don’t communicate and don’t give proper directions, leading to wastage of efforts and resources

B) Stay because
– my bosses like/trust me and my performance bonuses show
– I should wait for my promotion
-the economy is bad and I should stay till I get my increment which would at least be $300+
– everywhere else sucks, as said by everyone. Worst …