Benjamin Graham, the father of Value Investing and the author of “The Intelligent Investor” determined five types of value investing in his book. You could clock returns that are more than satisfactory. They are:

  1. General Trading.Look at the market as a whole, as such trading the indices. This has become possible for retail investors with the advent of index ETFs, which were not available during Graham’s time.
  2. Buy Cheap, Sell High.Enter the market when the prices are down, then selling when it becomes much more valuable.
  3. Selective Trading.When trading selectively, you’ll pick and choose stocks might perform better than average over a period of around a year or so.
  4. Bargain Purchases.Seek out stocks that are trading lower than their true worth using a proven technique, such as Graham’s famous Net Net Strategy
  5. Long Pull Selection.Also known as growth investing, this strategy involves choosing companies that will likely perform …