Super Group stock continued to halt its trading on the Singapore stocks markets. Super Group last traded at $0.97, up by 7.8% on 31 Oct 2016. There was speculation that Super Group might be taken private. I shared the same sentiment in my previous post here . In early October 2016, Super Group stock started to have more trading interest from what I have observed. Just looked at the 52-week trading low of Super Group stock at $0.68, we could see how Super Group has rallied around 50% to reach the trading price on 31 Oct 2016. The all-time high of Super Group stock is around $2.41.I remember how Super Group was like a “growth” stock for many investors before the stock price seemed to hit a “plateau” and “taper off” slowly. Such trading pattern is not unfamiliar to many other growth stocks in Singapore stocks …

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