How it affects us and how the future of it will look like

1.   “A Big Nightmare”  – Channel News Asia (Logistically)

Imagine you (SmallMediumEnterprise) have placed an order to shipped products/equipments or worst perishables from another country and you have decided to use HanJin for its competitive pricing. Now it’s stuck/lost/stolen… what can you do?? Go down to their singapore branch…”I went to their office almost every day but all they say is: ‘We don’t know when your vessel can come in’,” the contractor recounted. “It was a disaster.”……..  what else??? you need to hand over $5,000 deposit upfront before collecting your container.. if it is even in singapore.. or else you would be like the rest trying to get your vessel to here (Singapore) which you have to file a civil claim first.

  • 14 Billions worth …