Early Critical Illness Pondering

Among the level of my grandparents and my parents, aunts and uncles (2 and 1 levels above me in my family tree), 40% of them have got cancer and not all of them are over 65 yet.

Basically, based on my horrible genetics, I think that there is a very high chance that I would likely be afflicted with cancer in the future. Of course, health is wealth and I will definitely try to mitigate this risk by exercising often and going for regular health check ups to make sure I detect any illnesses early.
I might not be the fittest, but I am rather proud to say that I have never failed a single IPPT in all my years so far. Sure, I don’t get gold, but this passing streak is a pretty good feat considering how sedentary most of our lives get once we start working, especially for …

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