This is the last post as part of the trilogy of posts looking back on my school days.

For a change, its not about me.

Its about the young and vivacious Literature teacher that taught us in Sec 1 at an all boys school (it was co-ed for Pre-U classes).

She did her degree in UK and from the way she dressed and talks, you can tell she is “different”. She got that bohemian air about her…

And when she taught in class, she was not teaching us robotically so we could pass Literature exams… No, she was clearly in love with the written word.

It was only years later I realised what she tried to imbue in us…

Feel! Don’t think too much!

Embrace! Immerse! And dive in!

Imagine my delight one fine day, for 3 days in a row, she walked into class braless!?

You know, when she walked, its ding-a-ling-ding-ding!

I never paid more attention in class ever. I learnt something during those torrid few days – focus.


Sadly, she put her bra back on soon after. And I noticed she never recovered her usual energy and effervescence… Some idiot must have talked to her about her dressing…

I wasn’t surprised before the year ended, she left.

I’ve no clue what became of her.

Interesting how some people just leave a deep impression in our memories even though the encounter was brief?

Yes, not only students can be “different”; teachers can be “different” too.

And our struggles are similar – whether it be in school or in the corporate world – how to fit in when the majority just love to beat us into their one mould fits all…

There are 2 paths for minorities like us:

Job hopping – That’s the path I took. Like migratory birds, I just hopped from one environment to another until through pure dumb luck, I found an eco-system with inhabitants that not only accepted me as part of diversity, but encouraged me to thrive and spread my wings to be myself! (I stayed 14 years in that wonderful company)

Be your own boss – Some just can’t work for other people under other people’s house rules. So these minorities – like the beaver – will create their own eco-systems and hire people they want to work with. The entrepreneurs.

Please don’t say no choice. There’s always a choice. Unless you are slave or live in North Korea or something.

If we think too much, we won’t hop or dive in…

Feel! Embrace! Immerse!

P.S. It’s harder, but see if you can relate it to your investing/trading journey.

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