Singaporeans typically recontract their mobile phone plans every 1.5-2 years for a new mobile phone. It’s the norm because mobile phones either don’t last that long, or the user experience gets really bad after a few Android/iOS updates.

Not a great way to save money if you asked me.

The last time I signed a contract with my local telco was at least 6 years ago when they were still offering 12 GB data plans on 3G network. Since then, I have always bought mobile phones at full price (or slightly discounted rates through friends) to replace damaged ones directly from mobile phone dealers.

If you look at the costs of our mobile plans over the years, they are getting more and more expensive for the value they bring. Offering discounts for mobile phones to lock you in a 2-year contract with telcos is a good gimmick that secures telcos with recurring revenue bya one-off discount…