M1 Ltd has been falling for a prolonged period, from the heights of $3.930 on April 2015, till $2.020 on 31 Oct 2016, before recovering slightly recently. Over the period of freefall, there was also a slight recovery during this period of fall.

Nevertheless, as per the chart below, the share price is currently at the lowest point over the last 5 years.


Many factors has caused this downfall, such as the pending establishment of the 4th Telco, the Jan-Feb 2016 correction, the insider selling by the CEO and also the recently released 3rd Quarter financials which were deem to be “very poor”.

These factors were further enhanced by analyst reports that states M1 Ltd will be the worst hit among the 3 Telcos. Yes, people continues to be “addicted” to analyst reports.

So there are some truth…

  1. M1 will be the most badly hit by the emergence of 4th Telco