Go holiday also can save money?!?!

Basically my Gf and I have booked our flights to Bali for (4 Nights) and we are trying to find the “most value” for money placed to stay.

This post will be a comparison of Hotel/Villa and Airbnb’s Apartment (Mostly owned by people)

 Hotel (From Expedia – Since it’s heavily advertised in Singapore)

Prices starts from $26

Airbnb Apartment

Prices starts from $14 onwards

We have decided to book an Airbnb Apartment (You can find the picture below).. So what is on Airbnb?

  • There are apartment/villa/resort owned by Investors/Individuals seeking for renters (Us)
  • It’s act as a medium to connect people who are looking for a cheaper alternative to hotel (This doesn’t mean in a drop of quality – just cheaper)
    • You might be able to find hotels on Airbnb sometimes
  • Airbnb renters relies heavily on the rating system to stay on top of the …