Back when I still had my corporate job, I secretly wondered if I was a little different from everyone else.

I was trying my best to arrive at 8am, frantically rushing reports to meet the deadline at 12pm, heading out for lunch at exactly 1pm, following up on emails so I appeared “busy”, and then eventually leaving the office at precisely 5.30pm.

I followed this schedule like clockwork: Mondays to Fridays with the occasional overtime. According to societal standards, I was “successful” since I’m making my own living.

One day, I decided to do something out of the blue. I quit.

You see, I hate it when my parents tell me I “should” follow some rules. (Ok, I’m not hell-bent on creating chaos and destruction. I’m in fact quite studious and I don’t miss any homework when I’m a student.)

Yet, our society is full of rules. You’ll be …