4 Tips for Moving in With the In-Laws


Heartland Boy and Heartland Girl purchased their HDB BTO (‘Housing Development Board Build to Order’) unit in early 2015 and have to wait till 2019 before their love nest is ready. In the interim, they made a collective decision for Heartland Boy to move into Heartland Girl’s family home. Financially, this was a prudent choice. However, this was still a difficult decision to make as moving in with the in-laws can be a tricky issue if it is not managed well. While some people make this transition seem like a non-event, it is also not uncommon to see fall-outs between the in-laws and the new-found family member. Therefore, eleven months into this transition, Heartland Boy feels confident to share his personal experience so that anyone moving in with the in-laws does not end up in an unbearable living situation.

1. Do A Few Trial Runs

Practice makes …

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