currently stuck in the hotel in Bahrain while processing some work documents. was wondering what else to do, other than work, and i remembered i signed up for the eVIMC few weeks back. finally got the chance to complete the course today.

coming from an engineering background. i find the course quite refreshing (maybe those with fiance background may think otherwise).. Engineers have a tendency to prefer to look at numbers, excel sheets, so to me, i like the way it was presented.

in a way, kinda remind me of uni lectures.


  • presentation is clean and neat
  • user interface is straightforward
  • lessons were short and sweet. not too long, that will bore you
  • simplifying the concept of CNAV
  • establish a set parameters to follow
  • very good introduction for those starting out investing
  • can relate to the 2 x SGX eg mentioned in the course


  • to be honest, i …