General travel and money-saving tips work for most situations. The Maldives, however, is a different ball game altogether. Think of it as the intermediate level.

Face it. You’re a carrot, like it or not. You WILL get chopped. It is only a matter of how much you get chopped, that is, if you decide to head to the Maldives.

Fret not! The exclusive playground of the ultra-luxurious, it need not be! Maldives paradise can be slightly more affordable, and of course within reach for the average folks. Kind of reminds you of my Average Joe air miles project huh? I like to do things like this. Experience stuff that we once thought were impossible. Knowledge is power!

Having said that, you do need to part with a substantial amount of your money. My job is to help you maximize the value out of it. Good news for you, since I’m …