Medishield Life – What Is Your After Subsidy Premiums In 2017?


If you have not already known, our revamped Compulsory National Healthcare Scheme, Medishield Life is heading towards its second year from Nov 2016 onward. During this transition period, Government is dishing out a couple of subsidies to ensure that impact of the premium increase is mitigated (even though the full Medishield Life premiums can be paid via your Medisave account, as long as there is sufficient balance).

Do you know what is your Medishield Life premium, after the subsidies, in 2017? Well, there is no need to wait for the renewal notice from CPF Board or your insurer (if you have an Integrated Shield plan), you can check out the easy to read premium table below as a gauge (source : CPF Board) :

These subsidy rates are applicable to Singapore Citizens who live in residences with an Annual Value of $13,000 or less. Those living in …

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