October being my birth month is usually the lowest point of the year for me. In the financial sense that is. But i am very proud to say that with my savings plan that i set out at the beginning of the year, it’s not such a bad birthday month for me this time round.

Another exciting event this month was the arrival of my little niece. My Sis came up with a list of weird sounding names which none of us in the family liked. Rapheal? Angelfael? Anbrael? Castiel? Engel? Quacey? Although I have came across many fanciful names but I think sometimes it’s better to go with something simpler when fanciful doesn’t work. I will just call my niece Angel for now.

Here’s how my October expenses and savings went.

Monthly Expenses September 2016


House ($258.05) –  Groceries shopping and other household items make up this list…