Update 17 Nov 2016: Please note that as per Scorecard comparison below, Amara Holdings Ltd should deserved a “yellow cell” for having the lowest Last 12 Months PE. Thus, this will basically change the Fraser Centrepoint Ltd from 5 yellow cells to 4 yellow cells – Which Meant the company is no longer the BEST! Nevertheless, its Last 12 Months PE is still the 2nd lowest.

If you remember my last in-depth analysis post on Fraser Centrepoint Ltd, you will know that I did that with a comparison with 4 other companies.

After Fraser Centrepoint Ltd released their 4th Quarter results and announced another 6.2 cents of final dividend, I decided to do another update on this company. However, this time, I added Wheelock Properties Ltd and Amara Holdings Ltd into the comparison mix.

The table below shows the comparison of my Enhanced Triple S Scorecard criteria across …