Are you ready to get retrenched?

Growing up, I was instructed by my mom to save. She would always question me on the things that I bought with the money she gave me. And the interrogation almost eventually end with the question, “So how much did you save today?” SGD$2 was a pretty huge sum of money then. I was 12-years old and all I knew was that I could purchase a bowl of noodles, some snacks, and a bus ride home. In those days, you can do a lot with SGD$2. Today, you’ll have to struggle pretty hard to get anything. Oh well, inflation!

Once, I told my mom that I didn’t save any money. She exploded. She proceeded to lecture me, hours upon hours, explaining the virtue of saving money. Heck, what kind of virtue is that? Why do I need to save money when I can fill my belly with all those …

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