Earlier this week I blogged about making a purchase through SK Bullion. Well, the delivery came!

So here’s the little haul that I bought to add to my treasure chest of gold and silver:

1 X Canadian Gold Maple 1oz
1 X RCM Silver 10oz
20 X American Silver Eagles 1oz

The delivery came by courier and well, it’s just like any other package delivery. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Gold Maple in a nice plastic case. I did verify that the ultra tiny year is printed in the Maple leaf, but I’ll do a more thorough check on the authenticity of it again later. The RCM 10oz has the 88 serial number which means it was part of their Asian production, so that’s cool too. the American Eagles are in their standard packaging of 20 pieces. Everything looked great.

It’s hard to decide what kind of bullion …