Buying on Value


The past 5 days, we saw the banking stocks worldwide making strong movements with huge expectations of a interest rate hike. While most of the other stocks recovered some losses, they were pretty weak to cover back (such as SGX and SingTel). Weakness is opportunity. Thus, I have uploaded some City Development at $8.40, finding its current valuation cheap and with the potential in growth. Despite the drops after getting hold of the shares, I felt that it is already a good bargain and that much negativity has already been priced in. This might not be a long-term investment due to its low dividends yield of around 1.88%.

Nevertheless, the dividend from City Development at 1.88% is still higher than the interest rates of 1.75% that I get from OCBC 360 (Salary + Paying of 3 bills + Base interest). I did not participate to get …

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