SGX recently launched a new product: the REIT ETF (Real Estate Investment Trust Exchange Traded Fund).
If you think properties are good, diversification is good, the new REIT ETF is the product for you!
What is an ETF? Click HERE to find out.
What is a REIT? Click HERE to find out.

Some details of the REIT ETF:
1) Tracks performance of 30 top dividend paying REITs (note: NOT Market Cap weighted)
2) It is main traded in USD BUT it can also be bought in SGD, but prices are subjected to FX changes
3) Consists of REITs listed in Asia Pacific (without Japan)
More details on the REIT ETF: HERE

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Benefits of the REIT ETF
1) Low management fees of 0.05%
2) Exposure to Asia Pacific REITs, not just Singapore listed REITs
3) Diversification to 30 REITs instead of …