Trading is easy, isn’t it? [20 Nov 16] (Part 1)


If somebody says his profession is a trader, what will you immediately think of? I believe most people would immediately flash across thoughts of fine dining, fast cars and effortless work. Is this really the life of a trader? If it is so easy, why don’t we all jump onto the “trader” bandwagon?

In my opinion, trading or punting without consistent profits and plans is easy but it is not recommended. It is akin to gambling. If we are referring to trading as a consistent means of earning our keep, it is not easy. Ask any professional trader and nine out of ten traders are likely to say that it is as difficult as any other profession such as doctor or lawyer. This is because we are dealing with the market which is the collective behaviour of all market participants, be it speculators, traders and investors of different horizon and …

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