The annual Credit Suisse report is out for 2016. Some data that are of more interest to Singapore are as follows:

2016 Average wealth of a Singaporean: US$276,885 (S$394,000) 
The report also broke down this value to:
Financial wealth per adult: US$180,414
Non-financial wealth per adult: US$151,239 
Debt per adult: US$54,768

2015 data for reference: 
Average wealth: US$273,085
Financial wealth per adult: US$176,978
Non-financial wealth per adult: US$150,145 
Debt per adult: US$54,039

Non-Financial wealth comprises of mainly housing and land owned.

My comments: 
The average income has rose by 1.39 % from 2015 to 2016.
A large part of the average wealth actually comes from the property (in Singapore’s case, it should be the HDB for most people)

2016 Median wealth of a Singaporean: US$101,386 (S$143,600)

2015 data for reference: 
Median US$104,094

My comments:
Even though average income has rose by 1.39%, median income has fell by 2….