I am just out of a mini-funk.

Not the downright depression kind but the kind where you feel you are viewing the world through grey-tinted lenses.

When you go from this:

To this:

Yeah, for those full-time employees out there who think my life should be all rainbows and unicorns now that I am self-employed, let me tell you that I have my fair share of unhappiness and worries about work too.

And in this stagnating economy, like most people, I do worry about my job. Or in my specific case, the amount of work I have. Or, don’t have.

Last week, my flyers/brochures campaign bombed really badly. I spent about two thousand bucks sending direct mailers to condominiums near my place. I was hoping to expand my work and increase my income through conducting small group lessons.

In the end, I got fewer than 10 enquiries and till …