I just read this article on property in Today written by Ku Swee Yong (I know, I’m a bit slow) and I thought that it was an excellent read regarding Iskandar and property investing in Malaysia in general.

Here are the main points that I picked up:

  • Completion **TARGET** is 2026
  • Terminus cities benefit from HSR links
  • Cities along the route declined in GDP and fixed asset investment (Malaysian cities)
  • MM2H programme is a complete failure
  • Large number of projects haven’t even broken ground
  • Completed projects are empty as shit
And I agree with all of these things. Even with all the fanfare of Iskandar, the very simple matter of fact is that NO ONE I know has relocated their residence or work over to Iskandar. Perhaps there are people that have bought into Iskandar, but they haven’t moved over and that in itself is a telling sign. Is it …