Not only do all of us have different financial circumstances, we also have different capacities to stomach stress. 

What works for one might not work for another (i.e. what might give someone peace of mind might be quite stressful for another).

So, listen to what others have to say but, ultimately, make our own decision, one that will not rob us of our precious sleep.

Chat with Reader #1

Hi there Ak. I have a question. I have a new bto flat that im staying in with abt 200k hdb loan spread over 25 years. It takes up abt half of my oa contribution every mth to pay it. Should i use the excess oa funds to channel it to sa or focus on paying off the house asap?

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Assi AK
I would max out my SA first. Money should go to where it is treated best. Doing so, I …