Uncle CW8888 asked a very good question: Telcos are no longer defensive stocks with just one add on?

Looking at the charts, it looked like an impulsive downside move to me.

I nibbled a bit more of M1 (I already had some) and some Starhub but not Singtel (at least, not yet anyway).

I also got some hospitality trusts through OUE and Frasers. Why? Because they are sucking balls because tourism is going to do badly. I like bad and horrible stuff, that’s just the way I roll.

I’m also looking at lots of other poop.

CH Offshore
Chuan Hup
Comfort Delgro
CSE Global
Falcon Energy
Fraser Cpt
HPH Trust
King Wan
Kingsman Creative
Low Keng Huat
Lum Chang
Pan United
Perennial Holdings
SIA Engineering
Sin Ghee Huat
Wee Hur
Wing Tai

Cache Log Trust
CapitaMall Trust
CapitaR China Trust
CDL HTrust
Far East …