Singaporean couples can expect to spend at least $40,000+ if they’re getting married in Singapore and holding a wedding banquet.

Many couples spend up to $60,000 as a bare minimum, especially if they opt for an overseas pre-wedding shoot in Korea which is all the rage these days (no thanks to the K-drama wave). Here’s a list of wedding items most couples typically need to spend on (based on what I was quoted):

Bridal Package $3,000
Pre-wedding Photoshoot $2,000 (local)
$5,000 (overseas, inclusive of airfare)
Wedding Rings $4,000
Betrothal Package (Guo Da Li) $1,888
(excludes dowry cash)
Wedding Banquet $20,000 (restaurant / café)
$40,000 (hotel)
Wedding Decorations $3,000 (fresh florals)
Miscellaneous $4,000 (wedding favours, bridal accessories, bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, actual day ang paos etc)
Honeymoon $6,000

Grand total: $40k – $70k

For couples who are spending so much, many have asked me which is the best credit card for them to charge their wedding expenses to…