Uncle CW8888 came out with another interest post today: “To save more: Cut Expenses or Increase Earnings? To slim more: Cut diet or Increase exercise?”.

For me, the answer came very fast and naturally: DO BOTH.

Of course, any idiot can tell you that. However, I think that there is a hierarchy of what is the easiest to do with the most impact by useful until a certain point, to what is hard to do with slower results, but without as much limitations.

There are definitely exceptions, but I think that this applies 95% of the time.

Taking health for example:

The easiest thing for anyone to do to improve their health is through their diet. Restrict the total amount of calorie intake. Reconfigure the calorie intake to be only from healthy sources. Ensure that the diet are within recommended limits for nutrients and vitamins.

Dieting alone has a …