It’s not just about PSLE. It’s about our society’s attitude on Grades

As I trawl through the comments, people were sharing their PSLE scores along with how and what they’re doing now. Some are doing well, and some are still finding their way out in life.

Now here’s my story.

I grew up in a vicious environment. A vicious environment perpetuated by bitchy relatives who compare my results EVERY SINGLE TIME. I hated them for their endless comparison and in turn berated myself for not being academically smart. They always had something to say or to belittle me. I had a big ego but a meek personality. Whenever I hear them snickering about my results or “consoling” my parents that my results are “okay”, I cry.

I was an average student in school. In my primary school, I was streamed into EM2 but was doing okay for most of my subjects, except Maths. I usually top my Chinese, but Chinese was …

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  1. Fred says

    Hi Cherry

    Great piece. Academic results only help initially esp. interviews when bosses doesn’t know anything else except paper results and appearance. Track records and work performance ultimately count.

    I really empathize with your childhood esp people use only academic results to judge when there are so many other factors. Each person’s DNAs are different. Fandi Ahmad captained our national soccer team in the field, directing and strategizing all the time. Not smart? Many successful business people did not have great paper qualifications either. Bill Gates, the richest man in the world drops out of university.

    I remember someone told me this, bosses are usually non-grads who employ grads to work for them. You will have your revenge when you employ your grad-cousins one day. Cheers

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