REITs counters have been battered recently due to the anticipation of imminent rate hike in December.

I have taken the opportunity to load more REITs into my portfolio.  I have added CMT, Keppel DC Reit (rights), AA Reit, MCT, CDLHT, ParkwayLife Reit and FLT.  Did not see such volatility in CMT prices in recent times.  Unfortunately, FCT and A Reit did not come down low enough for me.

Except for AA Reit, which continues its downward trend, the rest have so far recovered a bit from their recent lows.

I do not know whether this is a good time for REITs, but the positive thinking is that I am doing this for long term passive incomes and not getting myself into a REIT quagmire.  Still, I am holding some reserves in …