Previously, I had said that through the InvestingNote platform, I was able to find a gem from one of the thread discussion.

I had also talk about this company in another of my previous post.

This company is Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited.

In the past, I was very skeptical about this company as its ultimate shareholder, Wheelock and Company Limited, is located in Hongkong. I had some bad experience of holding listed entities (Top Global Ltd) with overseas parent company before. Thus, I was not ready to take the plunge then.

It was after some deep analysis and numerous reading that I decided to invest in this company.

Do note that this is not part of my dividend series.

Profile In Short (Directly taken from Company’s website)

Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited, formerly known as Marco Polo Developments Limited, was incorporated in Singapore on 19th December 1972 and listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) on 6th …