I barely scraped through this year.

Even though my 2-posts-a-week was reduced to only 1 post this year, I am quite proud of myself. I managed to keep my blog running through pregnancy, birth and confinement. Of course, those posts were written beforehand so they were scheduled while I was going through all sorts of pain. However, after the mess settled, I jumped right back. I had lots to share but not on financial stuff. As per my first birthday, here are my overall thoughts:

1) On Coftea
The most popular post about HDB from him is still having 5 times the number of views compared to the second most popular post. Sigh, I don’t think it will ever catch up. Anyway, he has not been writing after being a father so let’s remind him to contribute again ok?

2) On Familytalk
This series emerged this year when I was pregnant and diverged from my …