2017 is coming in a little less than 1 month! Hence, it’s time for a reflection to see how I fared throughout 2016. It’s also time to take stock of all my growing up years and plan ahead for 2017.

On human capital,

In 2016, nothing has changed.I graduated from polytechnic in 2015 and I have less than a year now to completing my National Service. I have been thinking about furthering my studies and it’s an answer that I am still unclear of even after a year into NS. Do I apply for full-time university or join the grind and study part-time? To be honest, I won’t have to face this dilemma if my grades were good enough for full-time NUS or NTU. I believe a few other factors hold me back from even trying for the other university, SIT.

The age factor is always at …