InvestingNote: Get Tips On Stocks From Experts


With the launch of fintech festival last November, Singapore has signalled its intention to be a serious fintech hub in the world. Heartland Boy is hugely supportive of this initiative because he has personally benefitted from some local fintech startups; namely Shopback and Carousell. In this post, he is pleased to share with his readers about the merits of InvestingNote.

What is InvestingNote?

InvestingNote is a platform that allows investors to exchange ideas with other investors around the world. It rides on the phenomenon of social investing– where novice investors are able to follow the investment ideas or trades of expert investors. Basically, it aspires to be the Facebook for the investment community where users can get up to date on financial information and positions entered by other investors from the daily feeds. InvestingNote has also found a strong backer in Shareinvestor, a subsidiary of Singapore …

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