Do note that there are some inaccuracies from the expected figures stated in the previous post on BBR Holdings (S) Ltd as pointed out by SG Thumbtack Investor. I will be pasting the comments here for easy viewing:

In addition to what he commented, I like to emphasize that this analysis is based on the fact that:
– Lakelife Executive Condo is fully sold by the 4th Quarter of 2016;
– All revenue and net profit from Lakelife Executive Condo is recognised and return as cash to BBR Holdings (S) Ltd immediately;
– Loan from Associates of $20 Million, as stated in the 3rd Quarter financials remains the same and will be returned fully upon the complete sale of Lakelife Executive Condo.
– etc… (There could still be many other assumptions in place which i did not recognised).
I have also realised an error in my input of dividend for …